Company Overview

Pipe Layers

In 2001 Platinum Services began performing work for Contech Construction Products. That year we completed 7 projects and have grown to complete over 20 per year for the last 4 years. Since our beginning we have gone to work in 12 different states and included many new products that Contech had incorporated in the past few years. Some of these products included armor flex plates (manufacturing and setting) and pedestrian bridges. Even though the products have changed we have not. We believe not only can we give you a competitive edge by offering a turn key product, we give your contractor such an ease free experience that they return for all their needs. We have proved this with one of the ┬álargest general contractors in Ohio. Kokosin Construction Company has used us for installation on 2 projects per year sine 2001. This year they trusted us to install 4830′ of multi-plate mostly 1 gauge. The reason this is different that a typical project was that this was their first time as a general in the state of West Virginia and despite the different problems we assembles all runs on time. Helping your contractors complete their projects on time and leaving them a sense of confidence in Contech is out main goal. We feel our reputation speaks for itself, please call any of the reps that use us and inquire how we have helped them enhance their business.